When You Search for “Cheap Moving Boxes”

Keywords are single-handedly the most important factor when it comes to internet growth.  After hearing something like that, there is no way to argue that they shouldn’t be at the top of an SEO company’s list.  Why is it the way that it is?  Because keywords are the way that people search the internet.  If you want to find cheap moving boxes you are going to type in “cheap moving boxes”.  That’s what makes sense.  There is no roundabout way; it’s all about the keywords.

Moving-boxes-packing-kit (1)

It is important to remember to be specific when choosing keywords.  Instead of just going with the obvious (packaging and shipping supplies), take it one step further.  Use Google’s Wonder Wheel to find out what people are searching and where it is taking them.  Use the examples of those keywords to formulate your own.  People might be searching “moving boxes” but more than likely they want cheap ones, so why not just go ahead and put that one extra word in the front?  Get ahead of the game!  Using the word “cheap” doesn’t cheapen your SEO strategy, it makes it more relatable and accessible.  And that’s what you want, right?


Often, we think that keywords are just one stop on a journey.  First, the website must be built.  Then, a search engine marketing campaign is set up to attract people to the website.  Because what’s the point of a website if no one knows where to find it?  This is the stuff that the everyday internet user doesn’t even realize is happening.  They don’t know anything about keywords and how the keywords attract website attention which determines rankings which determines where the website shows up on a search engine.

However, the reality is that without the keywords the website would be obsolete.  The keywords tie in both to the individual conducting the internet search and also to what the search engine thinks about the website.  When an SEO company knows what the users are looking for and what they want and need, the keywords and success of the website will reflect that.  A website will be successful when the focus is on the user.

The final question begs to be asked: what to do with the keywords?  In other words: what to do with “cheap moving boxes”?  Most importantly, they need to be put in the title tag so that this is what comes up on a search engine results page.  If it’s going to be a primary keyword (and this one just might be), put it in the domain name for an extra boost in ratings.  And, of course, incorporate them into the body of your website.


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